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¢ñ.CCA-C30 type unmanned airship flight and control system,air part and ground part

¢ò.Basic Parameters

whole length:30m


height of airship:10.8m

wolume of main envelop:956m³

take off total weight:1050kg

effective payload:150kg

maximum flight speed:85km/h

flight endurance:5hours

weatherpfoof:below 6levels of wind power

minimum turn radius:30-50m

takeoff/landing distance:0-50.

¢ó.Air Part  mostly includes the Foat carrier body,Pwer system,Populsion control system,Cmmunications system and Safety equipment

(1)Airship main body

1.Aerocyst:The airship contains two ballonets.

2.ondola:Ti is used to place the equipment instrument.

3.Landing Gear:It has the shaocks proof funcion.

4.Provides the following information for sending down:the pressure of Cabin and Aerocyst,the temperature difference between internal gas and outside gas.

(2)Electrical  Power System

1.Provides electric power for the whole mission.

2.There is emergency back-up power supply for urgency to start the engine in the air.

3.Power supply can be generators,batteries,solar and so on.

4.It has the necessary voltage conversion device with the regulator to provide the required voltage sub-system.

5.It has the protection of  the circuit to prevent excessive voltage of current.

6.Power system provides the following information for sending down:supply voltage and power consumption,and battery power.

(3)the propulsion control system

1.It has the remote-control receiver to be possible to receive and to decode the advancement and the control commands which the ground transmits,and controls the valve,the rudder,the altitude control,and the accelerograph and so on according to the commands.

2.Uses the fuel oil,engine to provide the force of unmanned airship with the properller at all stages of the work.

3.Uses the remote control receive, the servo and the control air-foil to achieve the airship to be stable and direction control.

(4)Communication System

1.Can make with the wireless communication system confirmity, ontrol airship by the ground control station in the radio telecontrol way. he airship also sends down the signals of its main body, he lectric power, he advancemant, the control, monitors of CCD Video.

2.This company assists to apply for the National Communication Committee(NCC) standard the legitimate use channel regarding the domestic customer.

3.Data of main body of the airship,the electric power, the advancement and the control system,the updating rate achieves 5seconds one time.

4.The system has the  online self-checking  funiction, data update rate achieves 5 seconds one time.Once presents the failure (such as the GPS receiver to be unable to locate, the brake exceptionally, the communication system system exceptionally, the electric power, flight altitude to be excessively lower or higher), the system will warm immediately.

5.Wireless communication system with frequency  switching function can switch the channel at least a few groups of 8 or more channels.

6.The wireless communication system's information transmission has the encryotion function.

7.Wireless communication system should be to install a strong wave or high-gain antenna of the device so that  the communication distance of 60km or more.

(5)Safety equipment

1.Constructs the airborne airship's condition supervisory system(CCD Video), and can simultaneously monitor ship head, the ship tail's condition images, simultaneously and monitors each engine's revolution images, and can transmit the images to ground station.

2.Provides the engine out of  control , the control communication, the fire control and so on unusual event standard work flow.

3.Has the recycling chute that may recover safely float aerostat carrier if necessary.

¢ô.The ground part contains the launch  and the landing field and the ground control station.

(1).Launch and landing field facillity

1.The mooring tower and fixing cables.

2.Provides the charge facillity to be possible  to provide the charge demand of  float aerostat carrier.

3.Provides the fire extinguishing equipment.

4.Provides the ground men operating  manual (including take-off, landing, to anchor, inflating, charging, exceptionally to parachute, maintenance) and the establish standards operational procedure.

(2)ground control station

1.Ground control station is responsible for  the flight control, communications, tracing operation of the floating carrier.

2.In order to obtain experiment's mobility, ground control, communications and tracking stations astations are on-board manner to achieve.

3.The ground  control station has the wireless communication system to be possible to carry  on the birdirectional data transmission with the airship.

4.A group control station comuter group, through MIL-STD-810-F, IEC 68-2, IP54, MIL-STD-461E and so on authentication, may record and demonstrate the downloading signals of airship main body, the electic power, the advancement, control system's parameter and the unusual warning.

5.Have the necessary control operations of UPS.


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