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Tethered Airship

Mooring airships is an unpowered aircarft balloons, the airship is connected by a cable to the facilities on the ground, filling Helium in the body, relying on the buoyancy. Compares with  other high low-altitude aerostat, mooring airship has a long hover( hover time in a few days to several months), weathering strong, flexible and easy to deploy, low  cost and low maintenance costs and so on.

As a blastoff platform, mooring airship can be tethered  balloon-borne equipment  to provide greater on the horizon and scope of the hover, the higher  it flies,the greater it covers. Mooring airship can be applied to the atmosoheric and environmental monitoring, anti-smuggling and other civilian areas in the military field, and more generally for early warning, electronic warfare, surveillance and reconnaissance technologies, long-wave communications, information relay and so on.

Chiny Aircraft Co. Ltd after five years of efforts has been carried out a mooring airship blastoff platform comprehensive verification, validation and principles of alarge number of trials.In August of 2006, it had been delivered to the military launched a height of 1800 meters,  the payload 100KG, using complex optical cable lines, the balloon volume of 750 cubic meters, restoring cycle of 10 small modern-day mooring airship blastoff  paltform, completed the task of the application of High-altitude Radar.

Chiny is exploiting ceaselessly putting up innovation in the field of mooring airship to develop a greater volume, a higher altitude mooring airship series, started to assume 1500 cubic meters fo large mooring airship development in 2007.

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